[D-3] Leave your memory with Expo souvenir!

Netherlands Pavilion

“Join the Pipe” It is the unique designed water bottle that is able to be combined with its other water bottles.

Denmark Pavilion

What is the first word that comes to your mind when someone says Denmark? For Yeony and Suny, the first word is LEGO! Denmark Pavilion sells the Lego that is special edition of Yeosu Expo!

Come and get the premium LEGO!

Swiss Pavilion

Recycled seat belts and used lubber bands, Swiss bag is ready for you at Swiss Pavilion.

Thailand Pavilion

The adorable mascot of Thailand Pavilion, Suchakon can be always with you!

Russia Pavilion

Matryoshka, the Russian tumbling doll changes in various sizes! Get this interesting doll at Russian Pavilion

Monaco pavilion

Don’t you want to have Monaco specialized watch?

Turkey Pavilion

Eye of Devil is Turkish traditional accessory that overcomes and prevents the evils.