[D-4] VIP Celebrities highly praised about Yeosu Expo!

< Secretary General of the BIE, Vincente Gonzales Loscertales giving a speech >

Vincente Gonzalez Loscertales who is Secretary General of the BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) had visited Yeosu Expo and evaluated the Yeosu Expo highly in all aspects including the Expo site, themes and visitor participation.

 < Cardinal Cheong Jin-sik (On the Right) visited Korea Pavilion of Yeosu Expo >

Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk had mentioned “Pavilions are beautiful and the stories are also educational. I hope many of our citizens to visit”.

 < The United States Ambassador to South Korea, Sung Kim at Yeosu Expo >

Sung Kim is the United States Ambassador to South Korea who visited Yeosu Expo; he mentioned “Yeosu Expo became the opportunity to show why South Korea has strong global competitiveness”.

These are the comments about Yeosu Expo from both national and international VIP celebrities. Yeony and Suny are so proud of Yeosu Expo! Yay!

Since the opening date (May 12) of Yeosu Expo, a total of 6,646 national VIP celebrities visited Yeosu Expo including President Lee Myung-bak, Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik and Minister of Land, Transportation and Maritime Affairs Kwon Do-youp

International VIP celebrities visited Yeosu Expo as well with total number of 2,801 VIP celebrities from 100 different countries! This number includes Fernando Lugo who is a former President of Paraguay, King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and his spouse Queen Silvia, Prince of Monaco Albert II, and Prince of Netherland Willem-Alexander.

Most of VIP celebrities expressed their satisfaction on Yeosu Expo, and were also impressed on how Yeosu Expo well delivered its theme “The Living Ocean and Coast”. Especially, Honorary Professor of Tokyo University, Prof. Horikawa said, “the purpose of Expos is usually to educate people with certain theme. Thus, the Expos can be seen as quite boring. However, Yeosu expo successfully delivered Expo with both educational and entertaining”.

Other than VIP celebrities, many of international visitors highly praise about Yeosu Expo on its high technology equipped pavilions and buildings and variety of entertainments including performances and experience centers. Moreover, international visitors are surprised of Korea’s high standard culture and rapid economical growth.