[D-4] various mascots live in Yeosu Expo 2

As the yesterday’s post of various mascots live in Yeosu Expo, Yeony and Suny are introducing their friends again.

Philippine Pavilion: BOK

The giant clam, BOK is the mascot of the Philippine Pavilion. This giant clam is easily discovered in Philippine coast.

Posco Pavilion: Big Man

As soft as cloud, Big-man is our precious friend. He is mascot on Posco Pavilion


Aquarium: Solar-Girl and Solar-Man

One of the best mascots in Yeosu Expo, of course, beside the Yeony and Suny is always welcoming the Expo visitors.

Hyundai Motor Group Pavilion: Humoro

Likely as Han-s, mascot of German Pavilion, Humoro is also the robot mascot in Yeosu Expo. It is representing the HMG Pavilion.