[D-4] Aug 8 – Let’s Meet the World: Tanzania

Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean between Kenya and Mozambique. Tanganyika and Zanzibar achieved independence from Britain in the early 1960s, and they merged to form one country, Tanzania in 1964. The climate of the country varies from tropical along coast to temperate in highlands. The population is about 43 million, and the capital city is Dar es Salaam.

 < Serengeti National Park >

Some of the most famous land marks in Tanzania are Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro. First, Serengeti hosts the largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world. Tourists mostly visit Serengeti National Park which is a huge National Park of 5,700 sq mi, lies half of the entire Serengeti region. At this place tourists can take a tour on Safari car. Do you know the meaning of Safari? It means “travel” in Swahili!

Lastly, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak of 5,895 meters or 9,341 feet above sea level. It has three volcanic cones: Kibo (also known as Uhuru), Mawenzi abd Shira. They are dormant volcanoes so don’t worry! 😉 There are still numerous theories on the meaning of ‘Kilimanjaro’. The most well known and well accepted meaning is “Shining Mountain”.

Yeony and Suny want to go visit Tanzania! It sounds so amazing! Oh well, we decided to go to Tanzania National Day performances instead! The name of performance is Janga, and it was performed by Bagamoyo Players performance team. There were 16 different traditional dances and music was performed, and these are usually played by the people living along the Indian Ocean coast line, and in the islands.

And wow! There was special dance dram performance which was performed separately during Tanzania National Day. It took about 45 minutes with stilt, masks, dances and fire dances along with different tribal songs!

Yeony and Suny want to share the great performance with you! Here we go~