[D-5] Various Mascots live in Yeosu Expo 1

Today, Yeony and Suny are introducing best friends which represent various pavilions in Yeosu Expo!!

★ Han-s: He is our robot friend, the mascot of German pavilion! Isn’t he handsome?

★ Polar Bear: An adorable polar bear is Russian Pavilion’s official mascot! He says hi!

★ Mudskipper: It represents the Malaysia Pavilion’s theme of “Recovery and Diversity”. Looks very cute right?

★  Monacuse: Monacuse, official mascot of Monaco pavilion, is a monk seal, one of the endangered marine animals in the world. Only 600 seals are left in the earth. Let’s work to save them!

★  ALPY: the word, ALPY is an abbreviations of “Australian Little Penguin in Yeosu” To see this cute penguin, visit the Australian pavilion!

★ Suchakon: the nice and warm mascot, suchakon is welcoming everyone at Thailand Pavilion!

All of our friends are friendly to everyone! Just talk to them, you can also be a friend of them!