[D-5] Yeosu is rising as one of the best maritime cities!

Since the opening day (May 12) of Yeosu Expo, there were 565 international news articles released, and 347 covers from international broadcasting centers. And that’s not it. BBC covered “South Korea’s Recycling Revolution”, NY Times covered “In South Korea, All Roads Lead to Yeosu”, CNN covered Yeosu Expo as “Top Places to visit in 2012”, and Le Monde covered “Joyau de la Corée du Sud, le Jeolla brille à nouveau” which means “Jewel of South Korea, Jelloa Shines New”.

Euro News also covered Yeosu Expo reporting, “With more than 360 islands and precious mairne life, Yeosu is the ideal place for debate about man’s interaction with the sea.” What makes these media conglomerates to fall in love with Yeosu? Most of them give great credits on the beautiful buildings and architectures along with excellence in contents and convenience.

Only 5 days are left to visit Yeosu Expo! Visit Yeosu Expo, and feel the beautiful oceans and the nature!