[D-5] Yeosu Expo is getting viral from great performances!

< Opening Ceremony of Yeosu Expo 2012 >

Since the opening day (May 12) of Yeosu Expo, the accumulated number, measured from opening date to August 6th, of all performances is found out to be 13,296 times! Yeosu Expo offers 3 different types of performances: Expo Pop Festival, Cultural Performance, and Street performance.

 < PSY Performing for the Expo Pop Festival >

At Expo Pop Festival, there were 167 teams had performed, and gathered approximately 13,116 crowds daily in average; as a whole, Expo Pop Festival gathered 603,351 crowds! Not only the crowds had enjoyed the festival, but also performers have as well. According to PSY, one of the most popular entertainers in Korea said “I got so much energy from this stage. I will never forget this performance!”

< Cultural Performance for Korea National Day >

At Cultural Performance, there were 269 different performances held from 94 different countries! These aided countries to meet and share each others’ traditions and culture. Moreover, as most importantly, Yeosu Expo visitors could enjoy and see variety of countries’ performances!

< One of the most popular Street Performance, X Quiz >

On the other hand, Street Performances were held for 93 consecutive days with more than 10,000 performances! Wow! That’s a lot of performances! These Street Performances not only gave the audiences fun, but also killed waiting time to enter pavilion for audiences by making the audiences to participate in the performance!

 < One of the youth Live Music Contest Team, Korea Junior Big Band >

Among many great Street Performances, “Youth Live Music Contest” becomes viral! Its last contest will be held on coming Saturday, Aug 11!


ONLY 5 DAYS ARE LEFT FOR YEOSU EXPO! Visit Expo, and have a great time on pavilions and performances!