[D-6] Every ending is the new beginning: the last EXPO SNS Supporters Day!

 < Expo SNS Supporters at Sweden Pavilion >

Expo SNS Supporters Day held on every Saturday which Expo SNS Supporters come along not only to PR Yeosu Expo, but also to contribute to the good of society. As the closing date is only 6 days away, last Saturday was the last Expo SNS Supporters Day.

< Gifts from Sweden Pavilion to Expo SNS Supporters! >

< Body/Face Painting at Sweden Pavilion >

SNS Supporters visit Sweden Pavilion as the ‘opening’ of the last Expo SNS Supporters Day. Sweden Pavilion has prepared gifts for all SNS Supporters! It was necklace that Sweden Pavilion employees wear! Awesome!! Moreover, there was body/face painting event and a painting/drawing station for kids! SNS Kids Supporters have got their hands painted with Sweden flag! Remember the sweet memories of Yeosu Expo and Sweden Pavilion~

 < Expo SNS Supporters at Convention Hall >

< Expo SNS Supporters at Photo Zone >

After visiting Sweden Pavilion, Expo SNS Supporters headed to Convention hall at Yeosu Tourist Hotel. At Convention Hall, Yeony and Suny had invited “Hof Day” to make the beautiful ending for very thankful Expo SNS Supporters. There were photo albums on Expo SNS Supporters which have many pictures of their contribution, groups and sweet memories.

 < Mrs. Jung Won Kang giving a Speech >

Along with the videos of SNS Supporters’ works and contributions, Mrs. Jung Won Kang had introduced and narrated thanks to Supporters, and how their contributions are meaningful to the local Yeosu City, and Yeosu Expo as a whole.

< Gyuhyun Shin playing the guitar >

Followed by Mrs. Kang’s speech, the talent show took a place!! Gyuhyun Shin is playing the guitar with surprisingly (?) good voice!

 < Giwon Kim playing the Piano with iPad as a score! >

This is Giwon Kim who played the piano! He played one of the Yiruma’s songs, “Kiss the Rain”! He brought score in his iPad! : )

 < Sunglass Brothers Performing! >

Sunglass Bothers, Hongsik Shin and Hyunsuk Kim! They showed funny performance that made everyone laugh~ Thank you Sunglass Brothers!

  < Mr. Yonghwan Cho Singing >

Mr. Yonghwan Cho who always smiled and has been kind Chief of Public Relations has showed great singing~

It was honor to have spent with time with all of Expo SNS Supporters! Don’t be sad or be gloom just for our ‘goodbye’. Like the old saying says, every ending is the new beginning! Yeony and Suny had so much fun with you guys! We will never forget you! Thank you!!