[D-8] World’s famous architect and interior designer from Sweden tell Scandinavian Design!

<Interior of Sweden Pavilion – showing various Swedish people>

<Interior of Sweden Pavilion – showing various Swedish designs>


The Sweden Pavilion at Yeosu Expo has been highly favorably rated with its unique and relaxed atmosphere and human and nature friendly design. This well made pavilion was designed by Thomas Sabndell under a theme of “Open Sweden – the archipelago full of ideas.”

Thomas Sandell, a Swedish top architect (the right in the photo) and Lars Bolander, a renowned interior designer will visit Seoul on August 8 and Yeosu on August 9.

Thomas Sandell who has gained world’s fame was the designer who participated in building the Museum of Modern Arts in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Lars Bolander who is working as an interior designer at New York and Palm Beach in USA is the writer of the book, “Scandinavian Design” which has been globally loved. They will tell what Swedish design is and how the beautiful nature of Sweden and open thinking of Sweden influence their career.


Yeony and Suny are again thrilled to meet world’s celebrities – this time, architect and designer!