[D-9] Yeosu Expo is using High-tech RFID to manage congestion!

Everyone knows that Yeosu Expo is getting very crowded as the closing date is coming near! But have you wondered so? How does Yeosu Expo committee manages this congestion so well? There is “the Operation Simulation Program” which runs to predict the congestion of Yeosu Expo by using RFID technology.

RFID technology works as electronically tagging each individual, number of daily purchase of tickets, and each paths and building’s congestion. This provides not only data for number of visitors, but also countermeasure for possible congested places.

This Simulation Program is made by applying Queuing Theory which is used in Industrial Engineering. This simulator measures every pavilions, buildings, and paths under the program. Moreover, Yeosu Expo is the very first large-scale international event which uses such technology!

In case of possible emergency situation and accidents that can be caused by heavy congestion. Yeosu Expo Committee also systematically uses Simulator for safe exit strategies and locating fire fighters and more uses.

Yeony and Suny are so proud of Yeosu Expo’s usage on high technology for both safety and even admissions of all visitors! Thank you Yeosu Expo!