[D-10] Romanian Pavilion’s outstanding Festival!

Romania Pavilion is organizing the Romanian Cultural Days at EXPO 2012 Yeosu. The Korean and international public will experience the essence of authentic Romanian traditions through outstanding performances of genuine Romanian folklore and ancient music. The traditional shows will captivate the audience and bridge the cultural and language barriers.

Master Grigore Lese

The audience will have the opportunity to experience the famous Romanian folklore singer, Master GRIGORE LESE, from Lapus region, in the north-west of Romania. His repertoire consists of old songs, reflecting authentic Romanian traditions.

Date: 8/2~3

Venue: Romania Pavilion



The folkloric ensemble CRISANA will perform the traditional Romanian songs and dances. The CRISANA ensemble is a true ambassador of traditional Romanian folkloric culture, performing dances and songs from all areas of Romania in traditional costumes and with specific musical instruments. Some of the dances reflect traditional folkloric customs practiced in the Romanian villages, as they spring from the peasant’s way of life.

Date: 8/3~5

Venue: Romania Pavilion