Did you enjoy your visit to Yesou Expo? : )

Yeony and Suny came up with another Part 6 of tourist/course recommendation. This one is for people who want to relax and take a time.

 #Yeosu & Gokseong / Take a Train and Enjoy the Aesthetic of Slowness

 Yeosu Expo→Seomjin Train Village→Aprok Resort

< Seomjin Train Village > 

Do you like to take a train? At Seomjin Train Village, visitors can take a train which can take to Gajeong Station from Gokseong Station. This train runs about 30 km/hr which is equivalent to 18.5 miles/hr. Since it runs pretty slow, you can enjoy the outside view. At Gajeong Station, visitors can take a stroll at Seomjin River, rent bicycles to enjoy the hiking, or enjoy the rafting at Seomjin River.

Moreover, before the arrival of Gajeong Station, visitors can take off at Chimgok Station where people can try Rail Biking to Gajeong Station while enjoy the view of Seomjin River. If you want to try rail biking just for a short time, you can try one at the village; there is a rail biking place around the park in the village.

< Aprok River >

< Aprok Resort >

Aprok Resort is located at where Seomjin River and Bosung River meet. The river has shallow water, so children and family can enjoy and play at the river. People visit Aprok Resort often not only due to its shallow water but also due to not many of mosquitoes. Thus families visit Aprok Resort and enjoy the camping!