[D-10]Let’s Meet International Visitors from all around the world at Yeosu Expo!

The number of Yeosu Expo visitors rises as the closing date is coming near!

Today Yeony and Suny met many visitors from around the world! Welcome to Yeosu Expo!! 🙂


At the Pavilion of Republic of Congo, we met Mr. Telly Kongolo’s family.
Mr. Kongolo is working as an art teacher at Daejeon International School. Their twin daughters look excited!

We also met three beautiful women from Peru!
They are a dance team for the National Day of Peru
– Kirsten Jorgensee, Margott Hinostroza, and Michelle Conceopcion from the left-


We also met Antonio Bravo Portillo from Spain, and Angelica Calderon from USA.
They have told Yeony and Suny that they can enjoy the Expo because of their friends’ who are currently living in Korea,  gave a great explanation! Have a great time at Yeosu Expo guys!! : )


They are Kristy and Connor from USA!
They visited Korea for Jeonranamdo English Camp, and they said they are enjoying Korean foods so much!

They are Martin, Pontvs, and Lucas Ho! Martin and Pontvs are from Norway, and Lucas Ho is from Macau, Hong Kong.
They made a group to visit Yeosu Expo.


This is Emily Slatter who is English teacher at Korea. Emily could visit Yeosu Expo due to summer vacation of students; she also said she is enjoying her free time : )

These four ladies were deciding which pavilion to go! From left, she is Cqrla Mckirdy, Saran Hawkins, Nicola Mckirdy and Charlotte Marrell. Cqrla and Saran is from Ireland, and Nicola and Charlotte are from England! Make good memories from Yesou Expo!

Yeony and Suny met Fredeico Mewdowicia form Portugal, at souvenir shop. He was looking for T-shirts for their family at Portugal : ) His family would love the t-shirts!

Oh! We thought they are Korean! They are from china; on the left, he is Yogang; on the right they are couple, Huin Jien and Shaohuen Shao

Who are they? They are Kevin Veliz Bravo, and Martin Medina form Peru! They were showing Yeony and Suny Peruvian Flag! They recommended us to visit Machu-Picchu~

This is Mr. Haidar Fakih from Lebanon! He was looking for his son’s souvenir from Robot Souvenir Shop.

Yeony and Suny met a couple….? No, they are good old friends visiting Yeosu Expo! They planned a Trip for a week only to visit Yeosu Expo! Yeony and Suny are sure that they will have the great time XD

Awwww who is this little angel? Well, her name is Angel : ) She is from Bulgaria, visiting Yeosu Expo with her parents! Yeony and Suny hope she made a great memories at Expo ❤

Yeony and Suny thank you all! Have a great time at Yeosu Expo!