Yeosu Expo hosts Exhibition of artworks from CJK International Children’s Painting Competition!

From August 3rd to August 6th, there will be an exhibition on works of China, Japan, and Korea (CJK) International Children’s Painting Competition at Multi-Purpose Hall. This competition held on September 4th 2011, with a theme of “the Ocean and the Coast”. From 70,000 works sent from CJK, 2,139 works including 2,012 winners’ works and 127 recommended works are chosen for the exhibitions.

Also, 2,012 winners’ works will be displayed at Expo Digital Gallery (EDG) 5 times a day. On Coming Sunday (Aug 5), there will be award ceremony for the winners, and after the ceremony, CJK youth congratulation performances will be held.

Come and feel the creativity of innocent children!