the hidden photo zones!

Let’s find the Hidden Photo-zone at Yeosu Expo! Yeony and Suny have selected the best photo zones in Yeosu Expo!

Which one is your favorite photo zone? Comment your best place!

1. Malaysia Pavilion

2. Russia Pavilion – Polar bear says hi in Russian- “Здравствуйте”

3. Grenada Pavilion

4. Guyana Pavilion

5. Yemen Pavilion

You don’t have to fly to Yemen!

6. Sweden Pavilion

Funny? huh?

7. Dominica Pavilion

8. Netherlands Pavilion

9. Norway Pavilion

10. Qatar Pavilion

11. Australia Pavilion

12. LG Pavilion

13. Ocean Joy

Having a coffee time at Ocean Joy~

14. DSME Marine Robot Pavilion

Wanna play the soccer with him?