[Aug 1] Let’s Meet the World: South Korea

Today is the National Day of Korea! For today’s National Day, Korea had official ceremonial events and cultural performances. There were 3 parts in this event: East Asia Marina Forum, “Day of Korea” Official Event, and Opening Ceremony of Northeast Asia International Race.

The first event, East Asia Marina Forum, was held with the theme of “Yacht, a bridge to friendship, happiness and cooperation”. For this event, VIPs from many countries including England, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia had attended. Moreover this first event was held at “Badaro”, which means “To the Sea”, the 4,500 ton coast guard training ship.

The second event, “Day of Korea” Official Event, was held at Expo Hall along with about thousand people including VIPs, Directors of other Pavilions, and citizens/visitors. At this event, there was special performance called “Joy of Sea”. At this performance, there were four performances, the No. 72 Intangible Cultural Heritage performance, “Jindo Ssitgim Goot”, Taekkyon demonstration from Takkeon Preserve Institute, “Taepyung Seogok” performance from The Korea National Classical Music Institute, and performance of the Traditional Guard of Honor from Department of Defense.

The third event, Opening Ceremony of Northeast Asia International Marina Race, was held at Special Stage. This event is meant to show Korea is now beginning to Yacht, and Marina Hub country. This race will last till this weekend, Sunday (Aug 5).

Let’s meet today’s performance with some photos!