We are here to protect the foods for 24 hours!

Yeosu Expo is working to keep safe and fresh foods for the visitors. Due to the rise of temperature of summer, Yeosu Expo is concerning more and reinforcing the food investigation.

<Investigation at 10:30 pm>

At 10:30pm, after closing the Yeosu Expo, the food investigation starts. The food ingredients are shipped to Yesou Expo form 10:30 pm to 7 am. The amounts of ingredients are shipped with about 50 trucks which is 2.5ton; it sums up to about 125 tons of food delivered daily for Yeosu Expo. Then the investigators check the import declarations, check freshness of foods with digital thermometers along with sensory test.

 <Investigation at 5am>

At 5am, investigators get samples of foods, and start Real-Time PCR machine to investigate 16 different food poisoning bacteria at test vehicle. Once the bacteria is found, the food will be banned for sale immediately, and will be pulled out from already distributed foods, and will be discarded.

 < Investigation at 8am>

From 8am, the hygiene tests for food courts and convenient stores start. Investigators use ATP measurements, Digital thermometer, Microorganism kit and Acid Measurement Paper to find any defects in stores.


Other than these investigations, Yeosu Expo is monitoring food poisoning bacteria, and reinforced the investigations for cold or raw foods.

So much efforts and investigations are going on at Yeosu Expo! Yeony and Suny feel safe about foods! Thank you Food investigators!