Germany Pavilion’s Cultural Performances!

The Germany Pavilion will be having cultural performance during the beginning of the August.
Come and enjoy the amazing shows!

<Michael Schenker>

The co-founder of the “Scorpions”, Michael Schenker will present classic rock music as well as his latest released songs with the ex-members of Scorpions.

Date: August 5

Hour: 7pm

Venue: Big-O Special Stage

<Wilhelm Tell Me>

“Wilhelm Tell Me”, a young band from Hamburg will present a melodic and swinging mix of independent, wave and electronic music in the Yeosu Expo. Yeony and Suny are already so excited about it!

Date: August 8

Hour: 6PM

Venue: Expo Hall

<Marie& the red cat >

Influenced by folk and independent music, the “Marie& the redcat” from Mannheim will perform the vivid acoustic-pop with its distinctive and soulful music.

Date: August 9

Hour: 6PM

Venue: Ocean Plaza