Are you Ready for the amazing street performances?

If you haven’t seen the amazing street shows, Yeony and Suny highly recommend you to attend the Street Performing Festival! It will present you a wonderful day at Yeosu Expo!

<Alan Sulc>

The champion of world’s Juggling Competition, Alan Sulc who is from Czech is performing his great juggling show in Yeosu Expo! His juggling performance is not only speedy but also brilliant; with his dynamical tap-dancing while he juggles, Alan Sulc is easy enough to fascinate the visitors.


The human with monitor head, X-Quiz has appeared at Yeosu Expo. It has been successfully performing more than 500 times from all over the world. As Yeony and Suny expected, X-Quiz has been surprising and laughing the audience with its cleverness and humor.

<Marine Boy>

Comical circus, Marine Boy is one of the greatly loved street performances in the Yeosu Expo! The Marine Boy is made up of several comical performances such as mime and juggling shows.