[July 28] Let’s Meet the World: Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, northwest of China. It declared independency in 1991, and it is aiming to open Expo 2017. It once belonged to Soviet Union, and many of Russians immigrated to Kazakhstan for “Virgin Lands” program in 1950s and 60s. Thus, now Russian ethnicity is the second most population comprised of (approximately 24%), followed by Kazakh of about 63%. The population is about 17 million, and the capital city is Astana.

This country is the most landlocked country in the world, farthest away from the ocean. However, the issues of sea and ocean pollution as well as renewable energy sources are no less relevant for Kazakhstan and have a direct impact on the country. Accordingly, Kazakhstan reveals their intention to join the world’s movement to consider the importance of the marine ecosystem. As a country having 7,000 lakes and water reservoirs, Kazakhstan wants to take an active part in finding solutions to the problems such as global warming and natural disasters that the world’s oceans face. Visitors can learn the hydrological treasures of the country at Kazakhstan Pavilion in Yeosu Expo and their efforts to contribute to the Expo’s theme, the Living Ocean and Coast.

Yeony and Suny highly recommend visitors to visit Kazakhstan Pavilion since they have offered their own performances and displayed some videos of Kazakhstan under a theme of New Resource Technology.

<Kazakhstan Pavilion’s daily performance>

Today (July 28), Kazakhstan celebrated its National Day at Yeosu Expo. The event began with brief greetings and introduction. Then followed by introduction, Kazakhstan’s amazing performances took a place. The performances including an ensemble team “Gulder” and etc attracted the audience with various Kazakhstan’s culture ranging from traditional music to modern music.

Let’s enjoy the performances with some photos!