Summer vacation season for students started in Korea, drawing more children visitors to the Expo. Accordingly, Yeony and Suny are going to introduce best programs for children at Yeosu Expo!

Today, Yeony and Suny introduce their best friends Dugong at Theme Pavilion, cool robots, and lots of marine organisms!

♥ Theme Pavilion

Dugong, mascot of Aquarium approaches to you with a seriousness of ocean pollution. The show, “A spring of Lives” mainly delivers a message of co-existence between the human and the sea. It also replies and answers maritime questions that children ask about.

 <The main show of Theme Pavilion>

♥ DSME Marine Robot Pavilion

The world’s famous robots have met in together at the DSME Marine Robot Pavilion. The children visitors are able to enjoy the active movement of Robots such as small soccer match that robots play. It is the remarkable technology.

 <Dancing robots in DSME Robot Pavilion>

♥ Aqua Planet

Hardly seen and discovered at Korea have been greatly loved by the children visitors in Expo Aquarium. The children visitors can experience not only the various fishes such a Beluga Whale but also the atmosphere of deep-ocean.