the World’s first movable marine Forest!

In Yeosu Expo, You can experience the world’s first movable Marine Park!

The moveable “Marine Forest” represents the changes in Korean fishing methods throughout the years. The goal is to open the viewer’s eyes to the necessity of resource management and to develop the ocean desertification* area for the coexistence between human and marine life. The experience exhibits are located outdoor to provide a free viewing, where you can pull a net just like those used at fish farms to harvest oysters, clams and abalone. The moveable “Marine Forest,” about the size of half a basketball court, is for growing sea grasses, where tiny tropical and larger fishes swim. 1,000 viewers can be accommodated for each 30-minutes period. Through this particular forest, Yeosu Expo hopes the expo visitors to learn and understand more about the importance of the ocean.


*Ocean Desertification: Large areas of the open ocean are inhabited by phytoplankton. Phytoplankton removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow, and are one of the planet’s largest carbon sinks. In some areas the oceans are warming due to climate change, and phytoplankton are disappearing this is termed ocean desertification.