Part3: Want more of Yeosu? Visit local areas out of Yeosu Expo!

#Yeosu&Jinju / Harmony of Ocean and Forest

Yeosu Expo → Gyeongnam Arboretum → Jukgok Hemp Village and Namak Vows

 <Gyeongman Arboretum>

Gyeongnam Arboretum is one of the most popular tourist site where has beautiful garden and observatory along with Mugunghwa garden. Mugunghwa is national flower of South Korea which means ‘immortal flower’.

<Mugunghwa Flower>

Yeony and Suny recommend taking a walk on gardens and Metasequoia Road. We are sure that visitors will love the fresh color of green on trees and grasses.

<Metasequoia Road>

Other than the arboretum, there is also Jukgok Hemp Village where people live there and make the hemp hand by hand in Korea traditional way. The work season is from July to September, thus Yeosu Expo visitors are in perfect time to visit the village!

<Jukgok Hemp Village>

Then have a great tour to Gyeongnam Arboretum and Jukgok Hemp Village!