Turkey Pavilion is opening “Turkey Culture Tour”!

Turkey Pavilion is working to spread the country’s culture to people by directly going to ‘the field’., and it is now also offering On corners of Yeosu Expo, there are Turkey food carts providing Kebab and Turkey Ice cream. According to Ali Gureli, the CEO of IKON firm, Turkey is not waiting for customers or visitors; rather they are reaching to people directly, one by one to spread culture of Turkey. .

<SMART Team>

Turkey Pavilion is hosting dance performance team called SMART on July 27th, at 4pm and 7-pm. SMART team had performed in other locations including Gwanghwamun Square and Haeundae in Busan. SMART will perform Turkey traditional dance which adapts ballet and modern dance to make the dance more vivify. They will perform along with other dance teams, Burst field, and Step girls.

<Water Drums Team>

Turkey Pavilion also hosting Water Drums team. Do you know Water Drums? Water Drums are Turkey’s one of the best culture shows. A team performs Water Drums by using various lights and mike which generate both great sounds and visual of the show.

This is the link for the video of Water Drums you can see!: http://www.expoyeosu2012turkey.com/etkinlik-ko-KR/page-359/

Then enjoy Turkey’s Culture Tour at Yeosu Expo!