Part 2: Want more of Yeosu? Visit local areas out of Yeosu Expo!

#Yeosu&Hadong / a place where past and future coexist.

Yeosu Expo → Samseong-gung→ Cheonghakdong → Hadong Tea Culture Center→ Ssanggyesa


<Caligraphy Class in Cheonghak dong>

Samseong-gung and Cheonghak dong is known for their keeping and exercising Korean traditional martial arts and etiquettes classes. On the other hand, Hadong is known for its tea leaves farm. It is located in Mt. Jiri where you can enjoy the fresh air and water of mountain. At Hadong Tea culture center, you can take a tour to tea farm and enjoy some Hadong teas.

<Hadong Tea Culture Center>

 Ssanggyesa is a Buddhist temple where people can experience ‘temple stay’. There are two programs of temple stay: one with resting and trying daily lives of other monks, and another with taking and experiencing classes of Buddhist cultures, and Korean traditional cultures.


They both sounds interesting to Yeony and Suny…if you are also interested about temple stay, which program would you do?