[JULY 26] LET’S MEET THE WORLD: Papua New Guinea

<The Beautiful Nature of Papua New Guinea>

Papua New Guinea is a country in Oceania located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The capital is Port Moresby. The country has one of the most diversely cultures in the world; it has the 841 unofficial languages and many traditional societies. It is also well known for the uncontaminated nature where can be found many undiscovered species of plants and animals and the world’s second largest islands. The tropical rain-forest is its general climate.


<The Papua New Guinea Pavilion in Yeosu Expo >

If you are coffee drinker, then visit the Papua New Guinea pavilion since the great coffee is being ready for you.

<The Papua New Guinean Coffee Beans>

For celebrating the National Day of Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea Pavilion has provided the special stage of Huli Wigman’s modern Dance.

<Huli Wigman’s Warrior Hymn>

<A jump of Nugini Islands>

<A joyful chorus of Momas and Sothern regions>