Want more of Yeosu? Visit local areas out of Yeosu Expo!

Summer vacation is always anticipated by both children and adults!

Here, Yeosu Expo is highly recommended as a once-in-a-life vacation plan! Do you wonder why?

Think about the location of Yeosu!

Yes! Its location is attractive – the Southern Coast which has several Korea National Parks.

Enjoying newest technology, lessons regarding the importance of the Living Ocean & Coast, and various cultural events at Yeosu Expo, as well as communicating with the beautiful nature in the Southern Coast of the Korean Peninsula sound as just perfect, right?

Yeony and Suny recommend some of popular tour courses today!

You will never be disappointed!

#Yeosu&Namhae / Archipelago’s magnificent views to you!

Yeosu Expo → Namhae Jijokhaehyup jukbang-ryung → Mulgeonbangjoeoboo Forest→ Mulmi Coastal Road→ Sangju Silver Beach→ Mt.Geum, Boriam

If you want to enjoy more of ocean after visiting Yeosu Expo, try Namhae drive. Mulmi coastal road is about 10 km which offers great view of Namhae Sea and little villages.At Jijokhaehyup jukbang-ryung, people can catch fish by blocking the water with bamboos; this is one of the Korean traditional way of fishing. At this place, there is a fishing village where visitors can try fishing in the boat and go to mud land.

Moreover, Sanju Silver Sand Beach is known for pine tree forest which lies back of the beach. It will allow you not only the beach, but also the fresh air from the forest.

<Namhae Jijokhaehyup jukbang-ryung >

<Mulgeonbangjoeoboo Forest>

<MulmiCoastal Road>

<Sangju Silver Beach>

<Mt.Geum, Boriam>