Let’s enjoy cool summer in Yeosu Expo!

The reason you have to visit Yeosu Expo is that there are various facilities which cool you down during this hot summer season! Last time, iced facilities (go check http://goo.gl/2lFe4) and cool spectacular displays (go check http://goo.gl/w5zrG) were introduced.

These days, the Excessive Heat Warning has continued in Korea. However, we can’t give up our summer vacation, can we?

Let’s meet the last part of “Way to enjoy cool summer in Yeosu Expo!!”

Expo Sky Tower

It is the highest facility in the Yeosu Expo. From the top of the tower, the visitors can have a fantastic view of Yeosu Expo. Especially the floor of the top is made by tempered glass which leads the visitors to feel as if visitors can fly.

<The view from the top of the Sky Tower>



<The glass floor of the Sky Tower>


The Aqua Fountain Shows!


The wonderful aqua shows fully attract the Expo visitors! The shows are provided in various places; Expo Plaza, Ocean Plaza, and Beach Park. Don’t you want to visit Yeosu Expo some day and see the exciting and cool water fountain and its beautiful shows?


<Expo Plaza>

<Ocean Plaza>