[July 25] Let’s Meet The World: Spain

<Barcelona, Spain>

Spain is located in Southwestern Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, Bay of Biscay, and Pyrenees Mountains. Spain had powerful empire in 16th and 17th centuries, yet it failed to embrace the Industrial Revolution which later made Spain fall behind other countries in Europe in economic and political power. However, Spain is in good conditions in both economical and political in the Euro zone.

Spain is known for its Mediterranean Sea and beautiful cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. It has moderately temperate climate: clear and hot summers, and cloudy, cold winters. The country’s population comprises of 47 million, and capital city is Madrid.

Spain is usually seen as Latin country due to its strong Roman heritage. However, Spain is a Western country. Due to its long history of empire, Spain also has well developed cultures which include language, literature, architecture, music and sports. Some of the well known cultures of Spain are Flamenco and Bullfighting.

<Inside of Spain Pavilion>

Spain Pavilion is getting attentions from its glass bottle collections. Those bottles used to hold water from abyssal sea, yet these water is used for laboratory of abyss thus bottles are holding just tap water for now. Out of 70,000 bottles of abyssal water, Spain Pavilion brought 630 bottles for the Expo. These bottles reflect Spain pavilion’s theme, “Exploration of Spain”, well that Spain is bringing some of the ‘exploration’ to Yeosu Expo visitors!

Spain celebrated its National day with amazing dance team, “Vamos Al Tiroteo”. This flamenco performance is shown in Korea for the very first time! This performance describes ‘present is for creating brighter future’.

Let’s enjoy the performances with some photos!