Worried about Crowds in Expo? Here are 5 tips to enjoy Yeosu Expo

Yeosu Expo is getting more and more visitors as the closing date is coming near. For today’s article, Yeony Suny will provide you some tips on How to enjoy Yeosu Expo 100%’

1. Decide specific performances or pavilions that you want to watch.

Yeosu Expo gets 100 thousand visitors daily. It is certainly crowded, so make sure to choose and decide which pavilions to visit prior to visit.

2. Visit International Pavilions in the morning, and visit other Theme/Sub-theme Pavilions in the afternoon.

Some popular pavilions get crowded early, so it will be convenient to visit other international pavilions and street performing festivals in the morning.

3. Bring sun blocks and sneakers: protect your skins and keep yourself comfortable

Korea summer season is VERY hot. Make sure to bring sun blocks, sunglasses, hats, or anything that can protect your skin from harsh UV. Also, Yeosu Expo is quite huge; wear comfortable shoes or anything that can make you comfortable as possible

4. Use Afternoon and Evening Tickets.

If you can spend more than a day in Expo, try Afternoon and Evening Tickets. They are cheaper than the Standard Day Pass, and you can enjoy Expo at cooler weather.

5.Make a reservation on Pavilions you want to visit.

Visitors can make a reservation on pavilions that they wish to see. However, most of pavilions get full reservations shortly, so make a reservation about a week or two prior to visit.

And don’t worry if all the pavilions are full! There are a lot of pavilions that do not need reservations.

Then enjoy your trip to Yeosu Expo!