Celebrities Who Vistied Expo Chapter 1: Sports Star and Scolars

Yeosu Expo’s Official Korean Blog(http://blog.naver.com/livingocean) will be presenting an article called ★ rose at Yeosu Expo” of celebrities who visited Yeosu Expo so far.

Chapter 1: Sports Star and Scolars

For the first chapter, Ji-Sung Park is a Korea Soccer star who is also one of Honorary Ambassador of Yeosu Expo. Another sports star Byung-Ji Kim who is a famous Goalkeeper, also visited Yeosu Expo with 200 circus member for Expo. There are also Korea Public Relation Professor, Kyung-deok Seo, and Writer of “Song of Carl”, Hoon Kim are listed in this Chapter.

<Ji-Sung Park>

<Byung-Ji Kim & Pr.Kyung-deok Seo>

<Writer Hoon Kim>