<One of the seven wonders of ancient World: Pyramid in Egypt>

Egypt is a country located in North Africa, sharing boarders with Israel, Sudan, and Libya. Egypt is one of the most populous countries in Africa and the Middle East, with 82.2 million people. Cairo is a capital city of the country, which is the most developed and populous city in the country. The General climate of the country is arid desert weather. Economically, it has the most diversified in the Middle East.

In the Egyptian Pavilion, it will tell the Nile storyline; which highlights the harmony and unity between the river Nile and Egypt throughout its history.

<Egypt Pavilion at Yeosu Expo>

The Reda Troupe-Special Guest for the ‘National Day’ event

Without the Reda Troupe, the Egyptian cultural dance is indescribable. The Reda Troupe has highly influenced the Egyptian traditional performance, seeking Egyptian artistic, social, and cultural styles. It is found by Reda and Fahm who believed this will show and introduce Egyptian various styles of dance to everyone. The stage is generally organized with 150 different dance styles with the great music.