China, Japan, and Korea companionship is offering Cultural Exchange Period

<Korea Pavilion>

From July 25th to 27th, there will be China, Japan, and Korea (as known as CJK) companionship period. This event is made for Expo visitors to see and experience more from each country’s pavilion.

Each Pavilion is going to show different performances and events. There will be ‘Nacheu Macheuri’, which means Summer Festival, at Japan Pavilion. On the other hand, China Pavilion will be presenting Tianjin University Choir and art performances prepared from Tianjin City of China. Korea Pavilion will be presenting one of the Korean Traditional performances, Yeonhuidan Palsandae.

Moreover, Yeosu Expo will send about 20 Expo tickets to both Japanese and Chinese cities’ chief officers, in order to invite more visitors and let them know about Yeosu Expo.

Outline of the event

China: Tianjin City cultural performances, once a day at China Pavilion– July 25th and 26th.

Japan: Nacheu Macheuri at Ocean Plaza – July 25th and 26th

Korea: Yeonhuidan Palsandae, once a day at Traditional Stage – July 25th~27th.

<China Pavilion>

<Japan Pavilion>