Best Yeosu Expo Programs for Children 1

Summer vacation season for students just gets started in Korea and children visitors are expected to visit the Expo more than usual. Accordingly, Yeony and Suny are going to introduce best programs for children at Yeosu Expo today!


There are a bunch of children programs in Yeosu Expo such OCEANTOPIA (Ocean + Utopia) in which children can explore various marine cultures. Among them, a musical named “Exciting Playground – the Ocean” and an experience program of “Making marine instrument – maracas” are going to be introduced. Yeony and Suny call them as best!!


★Exciting Playground – the Ocean

A popular series of children musicals broadcasted through EBS in Korea were invited to Yeosu Expo. Children can learn how to enjoy the ocean safely while enjoying an exciting musical. After the show ends, children also can take a photo with their loving characters in the musical.

★Making marine instrument – maracas

All family members can make maracas using coconut shells, conch shells, and pebbles and learn how to play their hand-made maracas. That’s not all – on the site, children can learn how to play their hand-made maracas! It sounds fun, right?

You should seriously think about visiting the Expo with your children so that they could learn how to be a friend with the Ocean! Let’s be friends with Yeony, Suny and their best friend – the Ocean!