We are the endangered species! Meet us at Yeosu Expo!

International Union for Conservation of Nature, also known as IUCN, has made a list called Red List which classified endangered species. Fortunately, Yeosu Expo Aquarium could invite some of these species after agreement on safety of these animals. Expo Aquarium invited these species in order to tell the visitors how important to protect animals from becoming rare and endangered.

Today, Yeony and Suny are going to introduce those endangered animals – Beluga, Weedy Sea Dragon, and Monk Seal.

Beluga is a beautiful white whale from Russia which has been classified as endangered in 2009 due to excessive hunting for its leather and oil.


Weedy Sea Dragon has interesting leaves-like figure. Using those leaves-looking fins, Weedy Sea Dragon can camouflages as nearby sea weeds when it is threatened by predators.


There are only 600 Monk Seals in the earth, which makes Monk Seals very endangered and rare. This cute animal is also a mascot of Monaco Pavilion, called Monacus.


Even though the mascot of the Aquarium is Dugong, it could not be invited due to serious lack in the number of species. However, Dugong represents Aquarium more than others, because it is one of the most famous endangered species that it is a marine mammal which sleeps in seagrass beds and feed calves by its own milk! Visitors can meet this amazing Dugong at Theme Pavilion’s main event, “Fountain of Life”

There are more endangered species other than those mentioned above. There are Sea Turtles from El Salvador and stories of Blue Whale.