[July 20] Let’s Meet the World: Angola

Angola Pavilion is getting attention from its famous Audio Visual Show Station. This station has screens at front and back to display the beautiful nature and environment sceneries that Angola provides along with diverse organisms. Moreover, there is an Interactive Hall with a stage where visitors can sit and enjoy the shows or can try Angolan foods and souvenirs.

Angola is located in Southern Africa, sharing borders with South Atlantic Ocean between Namibia and Democratic Republic of the Congo. The climate of Angola has dry season (May to October) and rain season (November to April). The capital city is Luanda which constitutes population of about 4 million. Angola survived 27 years of civil war until 2002, and it is now governed as republic, having multiparty presidential regime.

Angola’s National Day was celebrated at Expo Hall with great performances.

Let’s enjoy Angola’s traditional dance performance with some photos!