Make an unforgettable memory in the Southern Coast of Korea during this summer!!!

Summer vacation is always anticipated by both children and adults!

Here, Yeosu Expo is highly recommended as a once-in-a-life vacation plan! Do you wonder why?

Think about the location of Yeosu!

Yes! Its location is attractive – the Southern Coast which has several Korea National Parks.

Enjoying newest technology, lessons regarding the importance of the Living Ocean & Coast, and various cultural events at Yeosu Expo, as well as communicating with the beautiful nature in the Southern Coast of the Korean Peninsula sound as just perfect, right?

Yeony and Suny recommend some of popular tour courses today!

You can never be disappointed!

#Yeosu Course where you can enjoy both high technology and beautiful landscape

Yeosu Expo → Odong Island → Kyo Dong Marketplace → Sightseeing Boat to Baekdo Island → Tracking in Geomundo Island

<Baekdo Island>

<Geomundo Island>

Yeony and Suny bet you spend a day to tour the Expo. Those islands would make your vacation more abundant!

If you need more specific information such as transportation related to those islands and places, go check

#Suncheon Course where you can enjoy the tranquil lanes with the history of Korean Buddhism

Songgwangsa Temple → Naganeupseoung Fortress → Seonamsa Temple → Suncheon Traditional Tea Museum → Suncheon Bay

<Suncheon Bay>

Naganeupseoung Fortress is called as Korean Way of Saint James, Camino de Santiago in Spain. It takes 4 to 5 hours to track this tranquil lane. After arriving at the end of the tranquil lane, you can quench your thirst with a cup of aromatic Korean traditional tea. Around sunset, you should not forget to take a photo at Suncheon Bay. It could be your chance of getting your own masterpiece!

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