Israel is a parliamentary republic in the Middle. It shares boarders with Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Israel is also defined as a Jewish and Democratic state and the world’s only Jewish-Majority state. The capital city is Jerusalem and official languages are Hebrew and Arabic. The country has the highest standard of living in the Middle East.

<The Israel Pavilion with the theme of “Sea of Inspiration” artistically expresses and provides the Israeli maritime high technology. >

Today’s Special guest for the National Day event is David D’or!

Israel famous artist, David D’or performed the diversity of music genres, Classic, Pop, and Israel Tradition in Yeosu Expo today (7/19). The concert was reached to climax when Korean artist, Lim Hyungjoo appeared on the stage with him. They sung together the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” that is widely known for theme song of the Wizard of OZ. It was the honorable concert that every audience had touched by their amazingly passionate stage.

Note) With melodious and clear voice, David D’or is regarded as the genius artist due to his performance presenting wide ranges of music styles, which has raised him to be one of the globally loved musicians. He also has been performed with various Philharmonic orchestras such as Shanghai and Israel.