Uruguay is a country in the southeastern part of South America with the population of 88% European descent. It offers a high standard of living, a pleasant climate and surroundings and a high level of education. The country, sharing boarders with Brazil and Argentina, is second smallest nation and the one of the most economically developed countries in the South America. Its capital city is Montevideo and official language of the country is Spanish.

<Uruguay Pavilion>

Uruguay Pavilion is organized under the theme of sustainable development of marine resource and activity. Great marine information of resource used and prevented is provided to the visitors and the Pavilion informs the importance of our ocean. Moreover, the visitors are able to share the 600km of Uruguayan coast through the twelve imaging poles.

<The Inside of Uruguay Pavilion>

The special events that the Pavilion provided for National Day were the rhythmical drum show, Candombe that is originated from ancient African-Uruguayan and the piano concert of global pianist, Hugo Fattoruso. Especially, for the climax show, Mr. Fattoruso composed the stage with the traditional performance, Candombe. It was not only a meeting of the classical and the modern but also an encountering of the future.