Mauritania is an Arab Maghreb country located in West Africa and shares boarders with Algeria, Mali, and Senegal. The capital and largest city is Nouakchott, with population of nearly 881000, located on the Atlantic coast. The official language of the country is Arabic and the mostly believed religion in the country is Muslim.

The National Day’s Special event was held by Noujoum Sahel.

Noujoum Sahel, meaning of “The Star of Sahel”, is the bands that presents the Mauritanian cultural and traditional dance and music. The Nougoum Sahel has been performed at previous Expos such as Hanover, Rostock, Aichi, Zaragoza, and Shanghai Expos. It has achieved recognition as the global performance with its awesomeness and greatness. The performance consists both modern and ancient musics  since the stage is harmonized between modern instrumentals such as key board and electronic guitar but also the traditional instrumentals such as hodu, ardin and tam-tam.