The hidden efforts of the expo coordinators!

To thank to the Expo coordinators, Yeony and Suny would love to introduce the hidden contributors, navigating to successful Yeosu Expo!

1. Safety Guards  

No matter how bad is the weather, the safety guards passionately guide the Expo visitors.

2. Admission Staffs

They always welcome the Expo visitors with beautiful smile which leads the attendances to feel great pleasure.

3. Volunteering Workers

Even though the volunteering workers are too heated by hot summer, they edulously support the Yeosu Expo!

4. Janitor

All hardness and difficulty, Janitors clean and maintain the pleasantness of Yeosu Expo. She said “it is honor to be worked at here since the Yeosu Expo is global event”.

5. Information staffs

They kindly introduce the information of Yeosu Expo!

6. Emergency staffs

The emergency team is always being prepared for the expo visitors.