Use bbb – Volunteer Interpretation Service

Yeosu Expo and bbb have been cooperating to support communication for overseas visitors.

“BBB” is one of NGOs which tries to help foreign people visiting Korea and Korean people visiting other foreign countries communicate in their visiting countries. They aim for a world of free communication with no barrier. This organization has provided services for overseas visitors to enjoy the Expo more fully.


☞ Hot to use this service?

Just Call at 1588-5644 with no area code.

Then, choose your language, and finally you will be directed connected to one of bbb’s volunteers’ mobile phone. The volunteer will help you to communicate in Korean.


☞ When to use?

Whenever you have problems in communicating with Korean people including taxi driver, bank teller, tour operator, utility/service provider, etc, you can call at bbb. BBB volunteers answer you call 24 hours/7 days a week since they always turn on their mobile phones all the time.


☞ Fee?

There is no service charge. If you have ur cell phone or coins to make phone calls, that’s all you have to pay – meaning you have to pay calling charge only.


After dialing at 1588-5644,

– press 1 for English

– press 2 for Japanese

– press 3 for Chinese

– press 4 for French

– press 5 for Spanish

– press 6 for Italian

– press 7 for Russian

– press 8 for German

– press 9 for Portuguese

– press 10 for Arabic

– press 11 for Polish

– press 12 for Turkish

– press 13 for Swedish

– press 14 for Thai

– press 15 for Vietnamese

– press 16 for Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia

– press 17 for Mongolian