New Season of street performing festival just arrived at Yeosu Expo!

The beautiful music flows all over the place and Street Performing Festival begins for the visitors. Everyone starts to laugh as the performances that provided humorous story and ridiculous actions by street performance and feels that nothing can be better for this summer than this place! With joyfulness and happiness, the place is Yeosu Expo! In order to provide diversity of performance to the Expo Visitors, the Expo has reorganized the street performances as called season 3. Let’s go!

Avanti Display

The Human fountain show, Avanti Display will be updated for Expo Street Performance! Combining spectacular music with the cool fountain show, the Avanti Display will continue to blow off hot summer in Yeosu Expo!

Date: 7/24~8/12

Hour/Venue: To be announced

Alan Sulc

The champion of world’s Juggling Competition, Alan Sulc who is from Czech is performing his great juggling show in Yeosu Expo! His juggling performance is not only speedy but also brilliant; with his dynamical tap-dancing while he juggles, Alan Sulc is easy enough to fascinate the visitors.

Date: 7/12~8/12

Hour/Venue: TBA/Expo Plaza


The human with monitor head, X-Quiz is appearing at Yeosu Expo. It has been performing more than 500 times from all over the world.

Date; 7/16~8/12

Hour/Venue: TBA