Argentina’s sustainable development on trading, exposition along with sustainable society and economy

In 2003, Argentina government established its new project for political, societal, and economical recovery of its country. Along with the project, Argentina Federation Social Development has propelled new social policies to develop the whole country through encouraging the organizations.

To show and present the changes in Argentina, Argentina government and Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs have participated and displayed various manufactures and clothing. These are made and designed to show Argentina’s own value of lifestyles and dignity.

From July 13th to 20th, Argentina Pavilion invites four craftsmen who will display their own art pieces and also make one at the Pavilion to show the progress of creating an art piece to visitors at Expo; it is also to show the traditional way of producing goods in Argentina

These four craftsmen are going to make different kinds of art crafts.

1. Elvira Geronimo from Challas Huasi firm will be showing art crafts made out of silver, bones of animals, and wools.

2. Susana Prado from Muspay firm will show handmade fabrics dyed with all natural ingredients.

3. Diego Ruiz represents Culture Festival at Cordoba state, and he will show jewelries made out of silver and Alpaca’s leather and wool.

4. Fabien Sarapura from La Ushuta firm will be displaying accessories made out various leathers and fabrics.