The 3rd story: “Like to have first hand experiences? Come to the Yeosu Expo.”

Young generation will guide you the Expo with their understanding from now on!

Time to meet experience facilities – let’s see what the Coastal Fishery Experience Zone and Marine Forest look like!

The club of “I Love Yeosu” was created by high school students who live in Yeosu. The club consists of 5 sub-clubs – “Youth,” “Earth,” “Ocean,” “Secret,” “U-City.” The combining of first letters of each sub-club’s name makes “YEOSU.”

Note) the following story is originally created by I Love Yeosu Club students.


“Like to have first hand experiences? Come to the Yeosu Expo.”

Experience while enjoying Yeosu and the Ocean ⑤ Experience Facilities


“Wanna experience fisheries on dry land? Go to the ‘Coastal Fishery Park.”

The ‘Coastal Fishery Park’ is located on the corner of Odong-do. You can go without Expo tickets. As the park is installed on the sea, it is possible to feel the smooth movement of waves all over your body. But don’t worry, because you won’t feel motion sickness!

If you go to the ‘Mini-Farms’ after passing by the ‘Coastal Fishery Vessel Exhibition’, you can see how oysters, mussels, and abalone are farmed. You can also see fish swimming in clusters in the farm. There are also many perch, takifugu, black sea bream, and parrot fish as well.

Now, let’s go to the ‘Sea Forest’. It is called the ‘Sea Forest’ because it is the place where marine plants are planted in the sea, just like trees are planted in the jungle. Here, you can touch the sea creatures. I learned that the mouth of sea squirt is ‘plus (+) shaped’, and the anus was ‘minus (-) shaped’. I could experience it first hand too.

At the Yeosu Expo, there are many things you can see, and even operate. Especially, among them all, I strongly want to recommend the Energy Park, Deep-sea fishery vessel park, and the Coastal Vessel Parks to the spectators who come with their kids.

I remember what someone said while walking around the exhibition venue. Underdeveloped countries tell the past, developing countries tell the future, and the developed countries tell the present. But when you go to the experience facilities, you can see the ‘past, present, and the future of the sea’ all at once. Have fun!

**News written by the group, ‘ILOVEYEOSU’: Cha Minjin, Kang Sein, Kim Jihui, Kim Chaeyeon, Yun Dahyun. Guidance teacher: Park Yongseong


The first photo on the report depicts students who are watching and touching some marine organisms. Please note that touching is allowed in Coastal Fishery Experience Zone.

The second photo on the report, students are saying “My love, Yeosu” in pickets.

This is the last report regarding experience facilities.

Thank you for reading and thank “I LOVE YEOSU.”