[July 15] Let’s Meet The World: Comoros

The Comoros, officially called the Union of the Comoros, is an archipelago consisting four large islands; Grande Comore, Anjouan, Mayotte and Moheil. The country is third smallest country among the African nations with the population of 798000 and has achieved independence, excepting Mayotte islands, from the French dominion in 1975. The official languages of the country are Comorian, Arabic, and French. It is also a sovereign country and has tropical and mild with annual mean temperature of 29~30 Celsius degree. Economically, it has poor condition that economic growth and poverty reduction are major priorities for the government.

The National Day event is presented with Comoros’ traditional and cultural dance and music. The essential elements in world, music and dance are passionately performed by Comoros’ special artists.

<The Traditional Dance of Comoros>

 <The wonderful sound of its traditional music>