Way to enjoy summer vacation with less money!


Popular accommodation among students – Dormitory Rooms, Camp Site, and Temple/Church Stay  are going to be introduced today!

Raging from KRW 10,000 to 30,000, cheap stays such as college dormitory rooms, camp sites, temple and church stay are getting popular among students.

Dormitory of Chonnam National University and Sunchon National University – the most popular accommodation among students

Budget: KRW 12,000/person (average)

Where to make a reservation: http://goo.gl/cKoNL

**Learn more at http://goo.gl/EuhXT

Church Stay – Cheaper accommodation which have been highly rated by visitors (visitors liked their kindness). A total of 139 churches have provided rooms for Expo visitors.

Budget: KRW 10,000/person whose age is 14 or more

KRW 4,000/person whose age is less than 14

Capacity: 4,800/night

Breakfast included

Temple Stay – Heungguksa which is a famous sacred place & Hyangiram which is well known for beautiful sunset are most popular and closest temple stay to Yeosu Expo.

Budget: KRW 30,000/person

Breakfast and dinner included

**Learn more about Temple-stay in Heungguksa – http://www.xn--3e0b087af5a81hbs1a.kr/

**Tel) Hyangiram: 82-61-633-4742

Addition to these, Youth Hostel in Suncheon, National Natural Recreation Forest (http://www.huyang.go.kr/eng/about.jsp), etc are also popular. You can enjoy various types of staying in Yeosu!!

Time to experience new accommodation and make unforgettable memory in Yeosu!!