[July 14] Let’s Meet the World: France

France is one of the most powerful countries in Europe which has long history and high GDP of $2.56 Trillion. Moreover, France is also known for its strong maritime power and beautiful coastline.

Since France is strong in ocean and coast, France Pavilion is very meaningful in Yeosu Expo that both concerns on water and managing sustainable water. France Pavilion has been getting attention from visitors and reporters due to its detailed design to show in 4 stages of how tiny salt molecule is later distilled and turn into fresh water. Fresh water, distilled from sea water, lacks in resources that most of nations look for globally.

<France Pavilion’s mascot,  Sogeumi>

There are popular bands in France Pavilion – robot bands. Yeony and Suny are proudly this small but cute band music! (Actually, they do not play instruments directly.. XD)

Enjoy their music at ===>> video.php?v=297099147042462

French Pavilion celebrated its National Day today (July 14) at Expo Hall! They directed the celebration stage with special performances of Fratellini National School of Circus, directed by Jerome Thomas. Jerome Thomas is one of the most famous people in Circus industry. He has received many different awards and form 2011 he has become Art director in Fratellini Academy.

Let’s meet French National Day in Yeosu with some photos!