[July 13] Let’s Meet The World: Tajikistan

<Tajikistan Pavilion>

Tajikistan is located in Central Asia, west of China with population fo 7,768,385. Its capital city is called Dushanbe. The country was once governed by Russia and Soviet Union, yet it became independent followed by breakup of Soviet Union in 1991.

The climate of Tajikistan is midlatitude continental, having hot summers, mild winters due to no nearby coast; Tajikistan is surrounded by lands. Economically it once used to have one of the lowest GDP due to lack of employment opportunities compare to number of population. However, after joining NATO and much effort, it now has GDP of $16 billion.

<The Fan Mountain in Tajikistan>

To celebrate Tajikistan National Day, the traditional dance team performed in Expo Hall followed by Speeches by Head of Delegation.

Let’s meet their extraordinary performance with some photos!! 🙂