This is our day! Yeosu Expo SNS Supporters day!

<SNS supporters with Vietnamese Dance Performers>

Yeosu Expo SNS (Social Network Services) Supporters Day is not to celebrate or to remember what SNS supporters have worked for Yeosu Expo; it is every Saturday SNS supporters go outside and contribute to society and do various activities for viral marketing and PR for Yeosu Expo.

On the first SNS Supporters Day (Jun 30), supporters visited local children and shared Expo tickets and Yeony Suny dolls which have been purchased by Supporters’ fund raise on April.

<with local childern in Yeosu>

Following July 7, SNS supporters voluntarily changed their Facebook profile pictures to images that are related to Yeosu Expo. They also broadcasted Vietnamese traditional performances by using SNS tools along with Flash mob to PR Yeosu Expo.

 <flash mob in Yeosu Expo>